Sunday, November 26, 2006

Motorola Q

OK, my old phone, a Treo 600 finally wore out its second battery. I'm tired of doing open heart surgery to replace the battery (it is not removable) and I decided to get a new phone. Although I was very tempted to get another Treo as it is the best cell phone I ever had, Verizon had a decent upgrade on the Motorola Q so I picked it instead.

I received the phone on Friday and have started to put it though its paces. I like the screen and the keyboard size with the exception that the return key is located at the same position as the backspace key on the Treo was. This is very frustrating when entering data. I also don't like the calculator, the Treo calculator was much better.

The number one downside with this phone is that there is no touch screen. I thought it would be OK not to have one but once you've had one, you can't go back.

I think I'm going to return this for a Treo 700P. Not that this is a bad phone, it's perfect for someone "moving up" from a regular flip phone. The Sync with outlook works well, the interface is pretty good. The internet access is very fast with good screen rendering. But once I had the power of the Treo, even my two year old model, I find it difficult to move back.

So to summarize:
If you’ve got a Treo or other advanced smart phone and don’t find it overwhelming, you won’t like the Q.
If you have a regular cell phone and want better internet and Outlook Synchronization, this might be the phone for you.

Now if manufactures would post this information on their web sites…..

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Jason said...

We had to wait for ages after the US launch of the MotoQ. Living in Australia seems to be a great excuse for multi national companies for us to wait upto 6 months.

Kevin thanks for the low down - I have heard similar comments and will look at the Treo now.